Impression of Minahasa women

Lips Manado
Women’s Image of Minahasa 

By: Efraim Lengkong.
Historical and cultural observers

Minahasa started with birth of human creation of named Lumimuut. Apart from the many connotations Lumimuut story with then has son named Toar. As adults Toar fell in love with her.

Lumimuut Toar lagend and a source of authentic (keasalan = “originality”) the Minahasa people who have tradition of having affair with collateral. Toar desent and Lumimuut explan how human Minahasa put descendants to close biological properties coupled with strong (kealaman = “naturalness”).

Toar and Lumimuut merriage after day were separated Karema (“goddess of heaven = dewi khayangan”), carrying stick of stem Tuis. Both cane rod tuis was given by “Karema, know as the goddess of heaven. Karema provide Tuis, haves, it does not consider that it is plant stem tuis living. Lumimuut Toar next meeting and embodied in a marriage on the ground that had that the same tuis rod, now diffrent in height.

In psychologycal proscess, creation, and the meeting between mother and child marriage, is cultural product of an affair or get married with own offspring.

In their marriage, child birth Lumimuut approximately 27 offspring, one of their daughter named Lingkanbene/wene (“it is said that is very beautiful”). In a trip to Wenang (Manado), Toar and Lumimuut brought her daughter to Port Manado. In port of Manado Lingkan meet with  Italian Seamen named ” Aruns Crito, after their married, they live on Tonsea and after people called him “Arrorz Tonsea kerito”.

Brief stories Lingkanbene role as a Guardian goddess of birth and the source of origin of agricultural tradition in Minahasa, which is generally control by women. For example, in the vegetable farm in Modoinding (South Minahasa = Minsel) usually done by women. While the descendants Lingkanbene and her husband Crito, a source of agriculture in Tonsea (North Minahasa = Minut).

Mrs. Margareta Liwoso Carle, the doctoral study (2005) women born Remboken Minahasa been investigation in depth, how the discourse of women assosiated with the Minahasa traditional values and modernization today. Liwoso Carle, in discourse analysis of women’ imagine in connection with Minahasa traditional values and mordernization, approach onterdispliner, reapled that the role of women in the story of region (Minahasa), has undergone emancipation was initiated long before what Kartini in Java as the woman’s movement. But specifically the development of women’s emancipation Minahasa not solely demand for right and Equally mere similarity. There is place of discourse that high lighted women’s role in exploring Minahasa such as place in the community Minahasa. Specifically regarding the mythology that lived in Minahasa community.

Mythology discourse explain the origin of the ancestors of Minahasa from ” Karema-Lumimuut “significantly the tradtional discourse has presented female characters Minahasa. Such as: Maria Walanda Maramis, Sofie Cornelia Pandean, Aneke Lapian, and the other leader of Minahasa women. Strong role of women in thosee days gave to understand that the Minahasa first adops a “matiarchal”. The system is hardly changed shape during the reign of Netherlands until the modern women’s Minahasa current phase.

On the other hand in the development of technology and rapid globalization, Women’s Minahasa a negative trend that is oftenspoofed by the name ” Lips Manado” This steotipe picture was contained in novel “imipramini” (2004) Jusuf Novarianti work, which depicts a young women is sexuality permissive Manado. Yet it’s no limited to that, often sensual and permissive contex is defined in the unconfertable logic. Because it means reseptive female sensuality Minahasa plus easily purchase to do anything.

This general picture needs to review from various perspective and local goverment of Nort Sulawesi, and all Regents/ Major are expective to play an important restoring the image, female, behavior Minahasa, so that women’s moral culture Minahasa has generally positive picture and objective. Because the board perpective elaborated Lumimuut will show that the offspring is the figure of intelligent, agressive, bold and full assignment argued. Not surprisingly, when the word was attraction emansipation, Women MINAHASA is described first.

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